The Knight Costume (or Knight's Armor) is a body item in Club Penguin. Members could buy it for 600 coins in the Penguin Style or Medieval Catalogs. It could also be unlocked from series 5 and 8 of the Treasure Book.


Catalog Available from Available until
Penguin Style May 2, 2008 September 5, 2008
May 1, 2009 September 4, 2009
May 7, 2010 September 3, 2010
May 6, 2011 September 1, 2011
Medieval Catalog May 17, 2012 May 30, 2012

Treasure BookEdit

TB Series # Available from Available until
Series 5 October 19, 2009 October 4, 2011
Series 8 April 19, 2010


  • The Knight Costume made an appearance on the front cover of the May 2008 Penguin Style catalog.
  • It made an appearance in Anna's Room during The Frozen Fever Party.


  • Its unlockable version is called Knight's Armor.
  • It usually returns for Medieval Parties, however it didn't for the Medieval Party 2013.
  • It's the only knight armor you can buy.
  • Similar items are the Iron Armor, the Knightly Armor and the Golden Knight's Armor.
  • It goes with the Knight's Helmet.

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